Featured Items and Equipment

Photo Name Description
Optrotrak Certus Flex Motion-capture system that tracks and analyzes kinetics and dynamic motion; 3-D data points recorded and tracked to an accuracy of 0.1mm and resolution of 0.01mm.
8-camera Vicon Bonita 10 (1 MP) optical motion capture system Provides up to 250 frames/s motion capture with 0.5 mm accuracy and variable focus. The Bonita video camera provides 720p HD color video at 120 frames/s, variable focus, and adjustable field of view and can be dynamically calibrated with the Bonita 10 optical cameras. Vicon S/W suite
APDM Opal Mobility Lab System 6-Sensor wireless movement monitor that utilizes Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology to precisely record movement with a complete kinematic sensors suite that include triaxial accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers.
MagPro X100 Magnetic Stimulator A TMS device that examines the physiology of motor pathways, functional aspects of motor nerve stimulation, and examines human cortical physiology; stimulation rates of up to 100 pps at high intensities.
EMG Noraxon Wireless TeleMyo 16 channel transmitter unit that sends real-time EMG and other analog signals up to 300 feet by wireless transmission.
Novel Electronics Pedar-X system Pressure distribution measuring system for monitoring local loads between the foot and the shoe. Wireless synchronization and trublu calibration.
Ultima™ CardiO2® Cardiopulmonary Testing System Mobile Ultima CardiO2® system and Ultima CPX System with MedGraphics Breeze Suite Software. Includes corrival cycle ergometer and trackmaster treadmill with 0-25% elevation
Siemens RAPIDPoint® 405 Blood Gas Analyser Tests blood gas, electrolytes, glucose, hematocrit, and full CO-osimetry with a single sample. 60 second time to result and 130 second analysis time.
Artinis Oxymon with TSI extension Near infrared spectroscopy system capable of 250Hz data collection.
Hokanson E20 Rapid Cuff Inflation System Rapid cuff inflator that can inflate a vascular cuff in less than 0.3 seconds.
BioPac Laser Doppler Records microvascular blood perfusion in invasive and noninvasive applications; looks at effects of exercise, inadequate blood supply, and tissue ischemia.
Enduro Physioflow Noninvasive cardiac output device that provides cardiac data on a subject while exercising.
Trackmaster TMX22 Treadmill 220 volt treadmill with 25% elevation. Displays include Body weight; Time; Distance; Elevation; Total calories; Calories per minute; MET Level; Pace; Heart rate (polar and contact)
Woodway Split-Belt Treadmil Used for stationary walking and can be controlled to induce or allow for asymmetric leg speeds, as well as inclines from -3 to 22 degrees and speeds up to 12.5 mph in 0.1 mph increments and has a 500 lb. running and 800 lb. walking (<4 mph) capacities.
Monark Ergometer
Monark 874e, Weight Ergometer Weight Basket Cycle Ergomedic Ergometer
Monark 881E Rehab Trainer An arm and leg ergomete

Dell T3600 Precision Workstation 3.6 GHz four-core Xeon processor, 16 GB 1600 MHz ECC memory, 500 GB and 2TB hard disk drives, Windows 7 64-bit, dual 1.0 GB Quadro 2000 graphics cards, dual 23” monitors.
Mitsubishi WD-82738 82-Inch 1080p 3D DLP HDTV with active 3D Allows for immersive 3D displays with fast response times and has HDMI, USB, Ethernet, composite, and component inputs for multiple display sources and types.