Functional Performance Lab

The Department of Rehabilitation Science is a research-intensive, interdisciplinary academic program. Our research brings together the expertise of various disciplines and clinical professions to consider a single issue: how can we optimize human function and performance in daily life by better understanding the causes, course and consequences of disability? The Functional Performance Laboratory supports faculty and student research aimed at answering that question by developing new interventions that promote quality of life.

Data is collected from the functional performance lab.

The Functional Performance Lab provides a clinical research environment that promotes the comprehensive analysis of human motion and performance. The laboratory, and the equipment within, allow Mason faculty and students to conduct research on topics ranging from neuromuscular control and muscular function (strength and muscle endurance) to biomechanics and cardiorespiratory function and performance. Because data must be gathered across multiple systems, this research space houses a substantial array of equipment that can be used independently or collectively to meet the needs of any particular project, creating a “one-stop” data collection station for faculty and student researchers.

Man on treadmill in functional performance lab.

Our scientific endeavors are intended to ensure that all individuals are able to achieve the highest possible level of function and a personally meaningful quality of life. The research performed in this facility will contribute to the achievement of that endeavor, allowing health professionals to more accurately diagnose and treat disabling conditions, supporting independent function and improving quality of life. 

Motion sensors placed on hand.