2021-22 Academic Year - A Year of Continued Growth and Notable Milestones

Made for This Moment CHHS 2022

Another academic year is coming to a close as we celebrate 794 new College of Health and Human Services alumni. Here we highlight a few of the College's recent milestones.

The 2021-22 academic year reflects the College’s strong, positive trajectory of continued growth and notable milestones. For the past five years, the College has seen significant progress in enrollment, degree offerings, philanthropy, and research funding and expenditures – thanks to the hard work of all.

Just some of our achievements since 2017 include:

  • 19% enrollment growth;
  • 97% increase in budget;  
  • 122% increase in research expenditures;
  • 254% increase in philanthropic giving;
  • Recruitment of 83 new faculty, 30 new administrative staff, and 14 new research technical staff; and
  • 76% six-year graduation rate for first-time freshmen, which is a 14% increase from 2010.

In addition to sustaining our substantial growth metrics, the College has also achieved significant milestones in our journey toward becoming an accredited college of public health including:

This academic year, we also made sizable strides on several strategic initiatives relative to the College’s mission of supporting students and advancing the public’s health across the lifespan, such as:

Congratulations also to the faculty in the College who achieved important tenure and promotion milestones this year:

  • Lia Fleming and Kerri LaCharite were promoted to associate professor;
  • Laura Poms, Margaret Rodan, and Rebecca Sutter were promoted to full professor;
  • Michael von Fricken and Katherine Scafide were tenured and promoted to associate professor;
  • Emily Ihara, Ali Weinstein, and Janusz Wojtusiak were promoted to full professor; and
  • Andrew Guccione and Sunny Harris Rome were appointed as faculty emeriti.

"It’s been an eventful, successful, and very busy year of achievements. We can all be proud. Your efforts will have a lasting impact on our students as well as the populations and communities we serve," said Dean Germaine Louis to faculty and staff. "I am grateful for your contributions in all that we’ve accomplished together and wish you a restful summer with family and friends. There is still much work to be done to become a college of public health and to bring health to all people."