Jared Gollie, PhD Rehabilitation Science '16

Jared GollieJared was born and raised in Allentown, Pa. He received his BS from Wesley College and his MS from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. While pursuing his master's degree Jared also served as Sports Performance Director at Velocity Sports Performance in Allentown, Pa. His research interests are in regulation of blood flow and peripheral oxygenation during exercise.

"As I was interviewing at various PhD programs, I was struggling to identify a specific area of interest to pursue. Dr. Guccione reassured me that it was the responsibility of the department and the faculty to mentor me into an area that I was interested in but also an area in which I could use my previous education and experiences to contribute to the field of rehabilitation science, a response that I did not receive on other interviews. There is a major emphasis on question development in the department here at Mason. As I have learned during my time as a PhD student here at Mason, a sound, plausible question is the foundation for a well-designed research study. I believe the emphasis on conceptualization, question development, and active learning through intellectual discussion inside and outside the classroom is what makes the rehabilitation science program at Mason different from other programs. The Department of Rehabilitation Science offers students an ideal environment to develop into future academics and researchers with the potential of making major contributions to the future of the field."