Alison Lichy, PhD Rehabilitation Science '19

Alison LichyAlison Lichy, PT, DPT, NCS is the owner of NeuroPT, a physical therapy clinic specializing in the treatment of neurological disorders. Dr. Lichy is a Board Certified Specialist in Neurological Physical Therapy. Currently, she is a research investigator for the National Capital Spinal Cord Injury Model System, the Rehabilitation Research Training Center, and the Assistive Technology Research Center, at the National Rehabilitation Hospital. Her research on secondary complications in spinal cord injury and assistive technology use in SCI has been presented at national conferences and is published in several peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Lichy consults nationally on the treatment of neurological disorders and is a spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association. She is the current chapter president for the District of Columbia American Physical Therapy Association, a representative in the APTA House of Delegates, and a member of the Neurology Section of the APTA. Dr. Lichy was most recently adjunct faculty at the Marymount University Doctor of Physical Therapy program, were she instructed in the evaluation, management, and clinical application for patients with neurological disorders. She currently teaches advanced stoke rehabilitation for Great Seminars, a company focused on physical therapy continued education.