Rehabilitation Science PhD Student Presents at American Physical Therapy Association National Conference

Dr. Jessica To-Alemanji, a current PhD student in Rehabilitation Science, presented at the American Physical Therapy Association National Conference in February. The study entitled “Instrumented Sway Assessments Detect Effects of Attentional Demand on Postural Sway in Young Healthy Individuals” addresses the sensitivities of clinical balance assessments.

Dr. To-Alemanji has worked as an adjunct professor of Physical Therapy at Marymount University and Howard University, in addition to her work as a clinician. Noting a problem between research and clinical practice, Dr. To-Alemanji decided to pursue a PhD at Mason in order to gain further knowledge on Rehabilitation Science. With this degree, Dr. To-Alemanji hopes to bring together scientists and clinicians by mending the gap between research and practice.