Undergraduate Programs


Rehabilitation Science, BS

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Rehabilitation Science is a focused curriculum that integrates the basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and physics with the applied and clinical sciences to form a comprehensive study of human function and dysfunction and emerging rehabilitation interventions. Students will develop a broad understanding of the theories that are central to the discipline and explore a wide variety of approaches to functional assessment and evidence-based intervention. Learn more about the BS in Rehabilitation Science. 


Rehabilitation Science, Minor

The Department of Rehabilitation Science's minor is an innovative sequence of courses designed to enhance the Mason undergraduate student's academic preparation for clinical and research graduate programs. The focus of the minor is to provide a foundation of knowledge on the science of human movement as it pertains to both health and human performance. Learn more about the Minor in Rehabilitation Science.

Note: This program is no longer accepting new students. Click here to learn more about the degrees currently offered at the College of Public Health and the School of Kinesiology.