We are changing how people think about rehabilitation science.

Note: This program is no longer accepting new students. Click here to learn more about the degrees currently offered at the College of Public Health and the School of Kinesiology.

Students in our programs develop an in-depth understanding of human performance and how it is built on the integration of systems, mechanics, and motor control so that they can improve how people move and function. Our education and research programs are fully integrated--our labs are teaching labs and our courses offer research experiences. 

Rehabilitation Science at Mason

We build graduate school prerequisites into our requirements, preparing students for career progression. Graduates of Mason's undergraduate program--the only BS in Rehabilitation Science in Virginia--are often given preference in the competitive application process for physical therapy programs.

Our PhD program is individual, comprehensive, and specialized. Students develop a broad base of expertise across the discipline, having the opportunity to work across several departmental labs, while specializing in individual topics of interest. Dissertation topics are driven by a student's own research interests rather than those of a mentor.