Building a Strong Relationship

The relationship between a patient's disability and their interaction with their daily environment plays a strong role in quality of life. Learn how you can make a difference.

Studies Get People Moving

When you participate in a study with the Department of Rehabilitation Science at Mason, you help to advance the science of rehabilitation, getting patients back on the move with better understanding, interventions, and therapies.

Performance in Research

Our research examines the causes, courses, and consequences of disability and develops new interventions to promote optimal performance.


 Department of Rehabilitation Science - Research

Rehabilitation Science

Rehabilitation Science is a research-oriented academic program that focuses on the individual development of our students as leaders in the field of rehabilitation science. Our science aims to improve the quality of life of individuals living with chronic health conditions. With an emphasis on improving how people move and function, we educate and mentor students by translating an understanding of the mechanisms underlying disability into innovative interventions.